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🚨 EcoMeditation! Powerful, Effective New Meditation to Heal Wounded Heart...
4/11/2024 3:14:44 PM

EcoMeditation! Tested Path to Heal Wounded Heart. Powerful, Effective New Meditation to Heal Trauma & Attain Spiritual Awakening.

[New] EcoMeditation - Experience flow, transcendent bliss, and compassion.

iAwake team are deeply honored and joyful to be releasing a new, collaborative effort with renowned science researcher and best-selling author Dawson Church called EcoMeditation: A science-based, tested path to heal your wounded heart and awaken your Soul.

Dawson is a pioneer in healing the effects of trauma on our bodies and minds as well as leading us into states of beautiful transcendent consciousness, and EcoMeditation is a result of years of perfecting his healing technology, working with tens of thousands of people to include military veterans suffering from PTSD.

EcoMeditation is an amalgam of Dawson’s Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/tapping), guided meditation, resonant breathing, mindfulness, and visualization, and now includes iAwake’s powerful brainwave entrainment audio technology.

The beautiful entrainment music was created by iAwake’s esteemed developer Leigh Spusta, adding yet another layer of effective technology to increase EcoMeditation’s healing potential.

EcoMeditation is a practice that was developed to provide all the benefits of normal meditation – less stress, longer lifespan, sharper memory, greater happiness, and lower health risks – using a very simple yet extremely effective method.

Learn More and Listen to the Sample:>>>

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