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🚨 What to Do in Your First Sessions to See Client Breakthroughs?
4/10/2024 4:56:34 PM

What to Do in Your First Sessions to See Client Breakthroughs? The Critical First Steps that Keep Clients Coming Back.

How to finally “hack” your first session with clients!

Getting a new client is always exciting, but for many health coaches and wellness practitioners, it also comes with a set of questions that can unnerve even those who’ve been practicing for years…

Will I be able to help her with her health problems?

Is she going to take my advice?

Will I be able to keep her enrolled?

When a woman comes to you for help with her health issues, it’s almost always for a serious problem that’s impacting her daily life. She doesn’t have time to wait around week after week, waiting to see results.

What you do at the very beginning of working together changes everything.

If you miss out on the critical first steps, it’ll be nearly impossible to do the deep work that releases your client’s inner barriers to success.

(And she likely won’t continue working with you for very long.)

But get it right – and you’ll have clients who show up to sessions equipped with the right mindset to have extraordinary breakthroughs.

By unlocking extraordinary results for your clients early on, you’ll also unlock everything you’ve been longing for in your business, including:

✅ Increasing your rates & generating real income

✅ Maintaining a stream of steady referrals & repeat clients

✅ Receiving recognition as the go-to expert in your field

✅ Greater impact with the work you were born to do

Dr. Claire Zammit is a master in this.

Not only has she worked with women at the pinnacle of their industries (like a NASA scientist, a Supreme Court Justice, and a Grammy Award-winning artist), her business has generated close to $100 million and she’s responsible for kicking off a worldwide movement of women rising to their highest potential.

Today Claire is teaching a free workshop where she’ll walk you through the entire blueprint that she usually teaches in her five-figure certification programs – she’s never taught this before in a free workshop.

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