Small Business Funding - We Say Yes When Big Banks Say No
2/19/2024 9:38:20 AM
Small Business Funding. We say yes when the big banks
say no. One of the main problems that small and medium
size businesses have is funding. We can help. One stop,
best offers and free applications. Funding up to $2,000,000.
Over $10 billion dollars funded so far, Your business must
be in the United States or Canada. Please feel free to visit
our website for complete details.
If this service is not something that you can use, I would
like to inform you that we are looking for sales agents.
As a sales agent you will offer this service to small and
medium sized businesses, for a commission that range
from 40-80% of bonus revenue
There is no fee to sign up as a sales agent and there is
nothing that you have to purchase. Sales experience is
is a plus but it is not a requirement. Free training will be
provided. Visit the below website and watch our in depth
summary video and the business opportunity and the
compensation plan will be explained to you.
P.S. If you are not interested in either of the above services
would you please share this information with someone else.
It just might be what they need to save the day. You never know!!
P.S.S. If you already have a business, this would be an excellent
way to segway into another lucrative business opportunity without
any of the over head and start up cost.
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