How to clean a sex doll?
2/5/2024 6:33:27 AM
If you buy a beautiful sex doll, she will be loyal to you as a companion. As a responsible Sexpuppen owner, you should learn "how to clean a sex doll" because it is the best way to ensure that you can stay together for a long time. There are many sex doll owners who don't know how to clean their sex dolls properly. That's why we created a sex doll cleaning guide that beginners can easily understand and use. This guide applies to owners of all life-size sex dolls. Now let's learn more details about cleaning and caring for your own sex doll.

Types of Dirt on Sex Dolls
Before cleaning the sex dolls, you should know the reasons that make the sex dolls dirty. In order for us to clean the Real Dolls efficiently, there are different ways to remove any type of dirt. First, you should find out the reason for the doll's pollution. Beautiful chubby sex dolls become soiled from a variety of sources including bodily fluids, lubricants, dirt and dust. Here are some of the most common types of dirt that can build up on sex dolls:

*Dirt and dust: Even when not in use, Vollbusige Sexpuppen can accumulate dirt and dust from the environment.

*Mold: If the sex doll is not dried properly after use or stored in a humid environment, mold may form on the surface.

*Bodily Fluids: This may include semen, vaginal fluids and other body secretions that may have come into contact with the Männliche Sexpuppen.

*Lubricants: Using lubricants can improve the sexual experience, but they can also leave residue that can build up on the surface of sex dolls.

*Stains: Certain materials (such as clothing or bedding) can transfer stains to the surface of the love doll.

So for different types of dirt, we should use different cleaning methods to clean Beste Sexpuppen.

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