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A Time for Sanity
4/15/2006 8:07:14 PM
Sanity like "Common Sense" is not a common thing. The following may be a great help: The Holosync Solution™ Life-changing meditation program - Free Demo CD Sent on Request: Awakening Prologue The Awakening Prologue includes three powerful Holosync soundtracks, comprehensive personal support and a huge package of introductory materials explaining how to get the most from the program. Our extensive follow-up, support and education materials help you get the most from the program. Program support includes follow-up letters, hotline access to our professional coaching staff whenever you have questions or need special attention, and use of an exclusive program participant web site, all provided at no additional charge. In addition to the primary Holosync soundtracks, Awakening Prologue also comes with the following FREE Bonus soundtracks: » Quietude: this beautiful and very relaxing soundtrack features the Holosync technology at the alpha level, the brain wave pattern of super learning. » Oasis: This soundtrack will take you deeper, into the theta brain wave state, a state of increased creativity. » Super Longevity™, a very special 2-soundtrack set specially engineered to create powerful changes in important brain chemicals related to aging and longevity, including DHEA, cortisol, and melatonin. Improve Your Emotional Health Reduce Your Stress Level Increase Your Brain Power Awakening Prologue is backed by a no-questions-asked ONE-YEAR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! From within the US and Canada, please call TOLL FREE 24/7: 1-800-945-2741 From outside US and Canada, please call 24/7: 1-503-672-7117 Kindly mention you were referred by Stephen Conroy, Affiliate #308438
Stephen Conroy Improve Your Emotional Health--Reduce Your Stress Levels--Increase Your Brain Power

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