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This has been my DAY!
4/14/2006 10:52:36 PM
I have many things I need to write. I need to write ad copy. I usually do that within the wizard - on the spot - off the cuff - - but I really should pre-write a dozen or so and then just add them... copy and paste This has been my day! that's the subject... I still have 3 days of email to go through in Outlook express.... but, I did go through emails here at adland community to make sure there weren't any I hadn't opened. I'm getting a little better at Networking. It's a strange activity from my perspective and it does not come natural to many of us. Today, one friend here at Adland Community kicked off a mutual friend from his/hers friends list. I'm in the middle of this !!! That is the perspective from which I consider networking a strange activity, I guess. But it was funny in some ways. I'm waiting to see if this friend ex-communicates me from their friends list also! oh no! :^) Which brings up an ongoing consideration of what to post, will it be deleted, should you delete a post? When not to delete... I seem to like to read a few posts and see whaat the general comments are and then try and fit in. But... only if I'm still able to be myself. Be True To Yourself, cause very few other people in this world will be! I haven't been too successful in getting a dialogue going on my forums but then, I really don't have the time to moderate them and accepte members and all tht's involved. So, it's easier to have them public. People like to join even if it is an unmoderated forum. It seems special that way. Exclusive, somehow. And..... I don't think they really want to read all that much either. Who has the time, really? I'm doing this today because it's one of those days. I'm between projects and am about to reboot the ole' puter and I have a zillion household things that I never get to.... But I had a great day! I think I learned to network today. Or is it that I have found a few friends that make networking fun? My learning curve isn't a flat line anymore! Yeah!!! oh, and I voted for the first time for a person of the week! Happy Bunny Daze to those of you who celebrate! Beth

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