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I Just Bought This - Desktop Vertical Video Training from Mark Hess
2/2/2023 7:23:06 PM
desktop vertical video training

I bought it because I wanted to create little videos showing off my products and courses etc. but there are lots more uses revealed in the training. You can show any website and it looks neat and tidy and easy on the eyes!

Think offers you want to promote & endless traffic even if you haven't got a following..Think infinite product creation possibilities.

It's a way to create vertical videos for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook stories and Reels, without using your phone or even showing your face (if you don't like doing that).

I haven't started making any videos yet, but have started watching the training and Mark is a good and clear teacher, taking you step by step. I'm not a techie person, but this looks really easy to do. I'm feeling confident.

Plus, did you know that YouTube is opening up their monetized revenue share for YouTuble Shorts, next month? So, this is rather timely.

This training is only about $12 at the moment, with the coupon Video2023

See Mark's ideas for using this and get your desktop vertical video training HERE!
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