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Angel Cuddle Trails - Light Language to Empower You to be Your Authentic Self
12/11/2022 8:48:16 PM

Light Language

Latest blog post at Angel Cuddle Trails - Light Language to Empower You to be Your
Authentic Self. With a video made in Biarritz, by the sea.

Be your authentic self, and life will be so, so much better – when you are being you.

Feeling the presence of Mary Magdalene energy, Sarah Barton, Angel Ambassador and Channel of Grace, continues the Angel Cuddle Trails series at Biarritz, Pays Basque, with a powerful Transmission of Love and Light Language, connecting our hearts across the globe.

Feel the high frequency Christ Light love energy - the pure golden energy of unconditional love, as I bring down and draw up the love energy and transmit it across the universe.

Connect above and below with me. This is an experiential ACT Weekly Tip... Feel your
crystals lighting up throughout your body... Enjoy the "cuddle" of Light Language inspiring and empowering you to be your authentic self...

Visit the blog post at Angel Cuddle Trails, where Sarah shares the video and transcript.
And you can find the blog post HERE.

Angel cuddles,

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