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Special Request From Leanne
4/4/2006 8:13:39 AM
In her response to my post elsewhere in this forum, Leanne asked if I would kindly repeat this posting in a new thread. I am pleased to honor that request and this posting is shown below. If articles of this nature can save even one person from the "Tragedy of Online Trash" then it will have achieved its purpose. Submitted by Wayne Ellis (builder99) Leanne, I don't know the real reasons why so few quality posts. Maybe it is human nature. Programs that insult my intelligence (claiming I can become filthy rich overnight while doing absolutely nothing, or almost nothing) seem to garner more interest and replies than they deserve. On the other hand, when someone tries to promote a high quality program which offers a potential to earn a reasonable income IF we work at it long enough and hard enough, very little response is noted in many cases. Have we become the "I want it all, and I want it right now" generation? If it requires hard work and patience to become successful in the offline world, how could it possibly be any different in the online world? The Internet has no right to try and suspend the "Laws of Common Sense" Instead of us becoming so greedy that we can't wait to "Join" every new program that promises to double our money in x number of days, why not look at it in the following way. Instead of wanting to get, let us put ourselves in the position of the one who gives. Let's assume for a moment that we are the creator of the latest and greatest program that will make the whole world become filthy rich overnight. Except in this case, we will not offer anything except the very best. It must be totally legal. It must not take unfair advantage of anyone. It must have a real product or service that people want and people need. It must be consumable so that people will want and need to renew it over and over again. It must offer as much value to the millionth customer as it did to the first few (who flocked to "get in early") It must be something that will work as well 10 or 20 years from now as it claims to do today. If we were offering such a program and had a burning desire to be fair to ALL those who joined (not just those who get in early) and at the same time recognized the need to earn enough for ourselves, so that this wonderful program will remain for many years to come ... How could we possibly claim to be able to give back far more than people put into it and do it all in a very short span of time? Now here is the thought-provoking question which might help us evaluate those fly-by-night programs scattered all over the Net. If we in an upright and ethical manner could not possibly reward our members with huge sums of money they didn't earn or deserve, why are we so gullible as to believe that someone else could or would "double or triple our investment" in their "program"? Just a few thoughts ... Wayne Ellis
Re: Special Request From Leanne
4/4/2006 5:10:03 PM
Hello Wayne, Thanks very much, it is appreciated. Hope you have a good day. Thanks Leanne Busby Post a free ad!

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