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Social media marketing and traditional marketing
10/7/2022 5:56:24 AM
Social media is often misunderstood and considered an addition to traditional media, as you can see in the figure below.

Traditional marketing and social media marketing are two completely different processes that need to be understood separately. As shown in the figure below, the social media marketing funnel is the opposite of traditional marketing, in which the former seeks to find new customers through word of mouth and recommendations of retained and loyal customers.

Despite the fact that we have years and a lot of information about traditional marketing methods, we are still at the stage of studying social media marketing.
So, what are some ideas on how we can make social media marketing work for us when we do affiliate marketing or network marketing.?

1. Learn to share. Most marketers try to use traditional social media marketing methods and then wonder why they are either ignored or look at you as if you have two heads. The fact is that social media marketing is more about sharing what others are doing and less about what your product is.

2. Patience is required. With the help of traditional marketing methods, you can get a guaranteed result in a short period of time. Social media marketing requires that any plan or strategy you create is designed for the long term in order to see any long-term results.

As you can see, social media marketing has its own marketing fundamentals.
Understanding the differences between these two forms of marketing and fluency in both social media marketing and traditional marketing will help you achieve more successful results than knowing only one way of doing things.

What would you add to this list of social media marketing?
RE: Social media marketing and traditional marketing
10/7/2022 11:07:20 AM
Social media marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to get maximum profit from the simplest products. Bloggers earn very well on this. Initially, they buy real youtube views, after which they become popular and advertise everything possible. And children who ask their parents to buy another toy advertised by a blogger on a YouTube channel are very susceptible to the influence of such advertising. I think we are living in a truly amazing time.

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