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false ID and passport
9/15/2022 2:10:41 PM
A Thai woman was arrested in Bangkok yesterday for allegedly arranging a trip to the Persian Gulf for compatriots to offer sexual services at a massage parlor she runs in Bahrain.

This is 43-year-old Nuchari Pak, known by the nickname "Jiaomei Bahrain" or Madame Bahrain.

She was arrested at Soi Pracharat Bamphen 12 on a warrant issued by a criminal court last May for using a fake identity card and a fake passport.

The Daily News reported that Bukhari opened a massage parlor in Bahrain and has been doing business for 10 years, offering Thai women to clients for sex.

It was discovered that she had used a fake identity card and a fake passport in someone else's name on many trips between Thailand and Bahrain.

It was discovered that she had returned to Thailand and was staying in Huai Khwang.

Ten complaints were filed against her about luring women into offering sex.

She denied everything and was charged according to the warrant.
Derek Spirs

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RE: false ID and passport
9/15/2022 3:29:21 PM
Looking at her face, I can tell she’s been through a lot. And this is what happens when you use fake documents thoughtlessly.
It’s possible to live with a fake ID or any other document, but you need to be really careful and not have any issues with the police. Suppose you plan to commit any criminal activity. In that case, I don’t recommend having a fake ID because, if you get arrested, it will add so many years to your term.
But if you are more or less smart, you can contact in case you need a fake document and order it from them. It’s not difficult to do at all and will give you more privacy.

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