How to temporarily disable IDM in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Ie Browsers
6/12/2022 6:28:34 AM
Techniques for temporarily disabling IDM in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer browsers. What’s the end if IDM can’t be used to download files from certain sites, even though we really need the file, of course this will make us annoyed because we can’t download files quickly.

Through the swipe of this pen, I will share a few tips to solve the problem of IDM being unable to be used to download files on certain sites, but first, I will briefly explain the meaning of IDM and its functions.

Definition of IDM.
IDM is an abbreviation of Internet Download Manager which is one of the fastest and stable downloader applications that has been very popular until now.

through or together with various kinds of advantages and advantages of advanced features provided by IDM, making this application developed by Tonec Inc. can be the best download software and has the largest number of users in the world when compared to other downlod applications.

However, on the other hand, IDM also has weaknesses like most other software, namely sometimes IDM cannot be used to download data on a certain site, so we inevitably have to disable IDM from the browser or in other words we cannot download files using the application. IDM.

Techniques to temporarily turn off IDM in the browser.
1. Open IDM, then please click Downloads, then select Options.

2. Next do the settings as below.

Click General.
Then remove Check Mark on Browser which you want to deactivate, or if you are still confused, please Remove All Checkmarks on existing browsers.
Next step, please click OK.

3. Done.

After we have successfully disabled / disabled IDM in the browser, IDM will automatically not appear again when we download or in other words the browser’s default download display will appear.

Maybe that’s enough for an explanation from my article about how to disable IDM from Mozilla Firefox Browser, Google Chrome Apple Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

But if you want to return to using IDM as the default download for all browsers, please follow the steps as above.

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