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Watch the video to experience the "waves"...
3/27/2022 7:09:40 PM
powerful ocean cleansing

Powerful Ocean with Ho'oponopono at Anglet

Sarah Barton, Angel Ambassador and Channel of Grace at Angel Cuddle Trails shares the Weekly Tip - Ho'oponopono Cleansing with the Powerful Ocean at Anglet, South France...

Watch the video to experience the "waves"... This is a quick video Sarah was inspired to make while walking on the beach in Anglet. Just being by the ocean, connecting with the natural forces, is always spirit raising. In this video, Sarah added the Ho'oponopono phrases to clean away the metaphorical cobwebs, in communion with the power of the water visually, orally and aurally - a symphony sensation of the roaring of the waves and the wind along with Sarah's voice speaking the phrases (and frequency of the phrases themselves).

Visit the blog post where Sarah shares the video. You can find the blog post here!

Angel Cuddles,


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