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Being a Hero of the Light - Some Tips on Staying Calm in 2022
3/21/2022 8:17:04 PM
Being the hero of the light blog post

Greetings from Plaigne & Anglet!

My goodness! So much is still happening worldwide! It's so exciting... The energies are so intense at times. Can you feel it?

Being a Hero of the Light - some tips for 2022

I continue the Angel Cuddle Trails series with some tips on staying calm, keeping your frequency high and standing strong and connected as a Light Warrior in 2022, with all that is happening.

I share some of the videos I made last summer, down by the ocean, actually surrounded by the ocean in Anglet, where I combined the Sacred Freedom Protocol (Ho'oponopono and EFT or Tapping) with the powerful energy of the waves breaking on the rocks.

How can you be the Hero of the Light and help others to navigate the intense awakening energies of 2022?

(Hint: It's always about each individual cleansing their self of their data...)

Each of us creates our film around us. We are all the producers, directers and projectionists of our own "movie". Each person and each thing is playing the role we gave them and following the script we gave them.

This is good news, as it means that we can change the film - we can change our lives.


I'll let you continue reading and listening at the blog post here!

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