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Creating a Positive Life w/ Sacred Freedom Protocol - Tapping & Ho'oponopono
1/26/2022 7:38:45 PM

Sarah Barton, Angel Ambassador and Channel of Grace, continues the Angel Cuddle Trails series down by the river in Plaigne, showing the Acupressure points she uses when she practices the Sacred Freedom Protocol (Ho'oponopono and EFT or Tapping).

My little grandson had insisted on going for a walk to the river, and while he hummed and sang to himself as he watched the water and wildlife, I felt inspired to make this quick video. So, you can hear him accompanying me! LOL - As I explain how I Tap through the set-up phrases about the issue, gradually go from the issue to the positive statements and incorporate rounds of the cleansing Ho'oponopono phrases in between the statements.

Visit the blog post at Angel Cuddle Trails, where I share this video along with more details, the transcript and video shots of me showing the acupressure points as we go through the Sacred Freedom Protocol.

And you can find the blog post here:

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