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Direct Mail is the way to go! - $$ Get The Full Information Package $$
1/12/2021 9:31:25 PM
U.S. Only
Internet recruiting simply does not work for most people. I will tell you what does work though and the answer will surprise you. Direct Mail is the way to go! I have two successful direct mail programs going now. Both from the same company. With one of them all you do is mail postcards. With the other one you mail a two page letter. If you want to make some money, I suggest you write your name and address on a piece of paper and and mail it to the company along with $3.00 and three (3) first stamps. Give them my name and ID# (Don Evans ID# 10027) and tell them you want to get the full information package. Mail that to: Smartz - P.O. Box 971618 - El Paso, TX 79997.
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