Great New Business Opportunity!
3/18/2006 10:41:28 AM
Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards securing your future both financial as well as educational! Success University will be the largest online learning company dedicated to personal development ever to launch on the internet. We are already the number one personal development site on the internet in a short period of time. Our compensation plan is unmatched in the industry, how great is this....getting paid to learn the success skills we aren't taught in our schools?? Awesome wouldn't you agree. We are locking in positions like crazy, secure your position ASAP. If you are coachable and trainable to a system that is working world wide, don't hesitate, take action now.... FIRST.... Click here and watch an 11 minute movie on Success University Success University NEXT.... Click here to listen to a recorded live opportunity call on our opportunity and sign up for a FREE 14 day test drive. (just a $2 donation to the Feed the Children Foundation). Special Offer We have the information We have the Compensation Plan We have the Systems in Place Ask yourself this, "Why would the likes of Mike Glaspie and Shawn Casey align themselves with Success University?" "Why would Johnny Wimbrey, our Training Director, align his reputation as a Personal Development Speaker, Advisor and Author align himself with Success University?" “Why would Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Brain Tracey, Jerry Clark, Jeffery Combs, and a host of others come on as faculty in Success University?" They call this a CLUE...... Remember, "Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside". If you want change in your life, we sometimes have to open that door and invite change in! See You At The TOP... William Connelly Personal Development Success University 609 516-9676
Bill Connelly aka: CashFlowDude skype: givemesuccessonline JOIN MY TEAM TODAY
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