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Why is there such a big gap in the quotation of cnc machining?
9/7/2020 3:47:33 AM
Different CNC manufacturers have different advantages. Small machining plants are suitable for pattern making, and large plants are suitable for large batches. You must find suitable CNC manufacturers according to people's own regulations, generally according to the length of product production and machining time. Calculated. So how to calculate the price of cnc production and processing?
Why is the price difference between cnc production and processing so big
1. Look at your engineering drawings and standard specifications.
2. There are differences in the manual service of raw materials across the country, and there are some areas where the price difference is quite large.
3. General parts are calculated based on labor cost + machining cost + profitability. The machining cost depends on the processing technology. The price of using different production equipment may be different. Some are calculated based on the comprehensive working hours (milling time, cutting time). Some of them are calculated according to the technological process.
4. There is a problem with the total number. A large quantity may be cost-effective. If it is a small piece, the raw material is not retailed, but the price of a whole board will be counted.
5. Difficulties of the manufacturing plant. If the cnc manufacturing plant itself can win it, there may be no problems. If the manufacturing plant has some technological processes to be outsourced, the price will be relatively increased. Therefore, a suitable and reliable manufacturer must be selected for CNC production and processing to prevent a large amount of expenditure.
Many customers do not understand why the price difference between CNC manufacturers is quite different. In fact, in addition to the expenses mentioned, there are also the following elements of harm:
1. The production and processing of large quantities is difficult, and the price of parts and large quantities will be quite different.
2. The complexity and dimensional tolerances of steel parts are very dimensional tolerances, that is to say accuracy, which is also very harmful to the price of steel parts.
3. The local hourly interest rate is also very relevant; that is to say, the raw materials are rapidly cutting the level. These factors harm prices. Therefore, the price problem is a comprehensive problem.
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