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Heat Treatment of Brass
6/26/2020 6:56:53 AM
The heat treatment is inevitable in the process of brass machining. The heat treatment of brass processing is mainly divided into recrystallization annealing and stress relief annealing.
The necessity of annealing treatment of processed brass: During the processing of brass, such as drawing treatment, extrusion deformation and other machining treatments will make the brass hard, reduce the plasticity of processing, residual stress, etc.
Purpose of heat treatment of brass:
The purpose of recrystallization annealing is to restore recrystallization, eliminate work hardening, reduce hardness, and improve plasticity, so as to facilitate cold forming;
The purpose of stress relief annealing is to eliminate the residual stress generated during cold deformation and machining, prevent self-cracking, and stabilize the size and performance.
Process specifications: Recrystallization annealing can be divided into ordinary recrystallization annealing and bright recrystallization annealing. The difference between them is that bright annealing needs to be protected with hydrogen, ammonia or other inert gas. The cooling method is after the furnace is cooled to below 150 degrees Celsius It came out to cool.
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