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FREE Silver Voucher / No Cost to you to earn with Vortex
3/12/2006 12:41:41 PM
Dear Friend, Are you tired of searching for a legitimate scam free home business? I finally found one which is 100% scam free and you could join for FREE! Best of all this is a GLOBAL opportunity! Vortex Marketing Group is a company which took years of careful research and they have recently launched. They are now one of the fastest growing companies in the internet world! People are joining by the minute worldwide! Imagine you are the service provider for your family, friends, co-workers etc. as well as others via the internet by marketing: 1. VoIP (Alot of money to be made here) ! 2. V-Vision Video Conferencing (Excellent Marketing Tool) 3. Internet Security service (which is much needed today) 4. Cellular Phone Service from Companies including Nextel, Cingular/AT&T, and Sprint 5. Advanced Satellite TV from Dish Network 6. Internet Service from 10 of the top DSL/Broadband providers including Comcast, Charter, SBC/Yahoo, Adelphia, and others. 7. And with our very own Tech Mall, services will be added regularly ! You earn some of the highest commissions anywhere (up to 75 %!) on the sales both products and services as well as monthly residual income from the subscriptions to the services YOU offer! With Your Voucher You Will Receive: -CFPC Retail Outlet Center and Back office -VortexMarketingGroup Membership and Back office -4 Free Silver Vouchers to grow YOUR downline -Powerline Positioning in the VMG System -Access to 50 Free VMG Leads Per month -VortexMarketingGroup Ad Copy -CashFlow VIP CD Pak All this at No cost to you, as I will give you a Benefactor Voucher (worth $199.00) that pays your way in as a Silver Affiliate of this Great Company! To receive your $199 Benefactor Voucher for free. Use this Voucher Code: VMS1-135097 and go below to activate, Go to: (type the voucher code exactly as stated in the above, including the dash) warm regards, Michael Rogers MDRVortexTeam Vortex Marketing Group
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