Natural Cellular Defense
3/11/2006 8:16:57 AM
A patented and very powerful detox product is the lead product for a new and exciting groundfloor business opportunity. Waiora has exclusive rights to this life enhancing product. Here is what one recent testimonial had to say: "I wanted to share this with you folks. I was detected with Breast Cancer in June of 05. I have had no surgeries, chemo or rad. I am only taking this Waiora NCD. I have been on this product for about a month and a half. My tumor was a 50 cent piece size. Now it is down to a dime. My pH level in my body has been very good. I have cleaned out many toxins, and metals it is unbelievable." ...Rene For more information on this awesome product go to: then to: To discover how this ground-floor opportunity can take to to financial independence then go to:
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