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Putting Measles Mania in Proper Perspective
5/7/2019 4:24:04 PM

Putting Measles Mania in Proper Perspective

by Tony Isaacs
author of
Cancer's Natural Enemy

(The Best Years in Life) Here we are in the middle of another "measles crisis" and the media and politicians are on another feeding frenzy. Just like the last "crisis" a few years ago, everywhere one looks there is a mountain of hysteria and strident condemnations of parents who choose not to vaccinate. Public figures and talking heads on both the left and the right bought into the panic and called loudly for such measures as mandatory vaccinations nationwide and prohibitions against unvaccinated students attending schools.

Even the President appears to have given in to the hysteria and recommended vaccinations in spite of his previous anti-vaccination stance. RFK, Jr. could you please have a word with the man? Good grief, folks! Take a deep breath folks and look at the facts about the so-called crisis. Read More.

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