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Introducing 5 Online Business Ideas anyone can do now.
4/7/2019 8:24:08 PM

Online Home Business Ideas Number 2 – Retail Online Store

Retail or e-commerce site. Don’t worry you don’t have to fill your home with merchandise, handle storage, postage, and employees. In fact all of that can be taken care of behind the scenes by either Amazon Fulfillment using products you purchase wholesale for resale, or by becoming a drop ship company.

Using Amazon fulfillment is the most lucrative means because you are able to buy your inventory in bulk and get the best

Drop Ship E-commerce Online Home Business Idea Number Two

price but not everyone has $5,000 or more to tie up in products sitting in an Amazon warehouse so most e-commerce stores started from home use a business model called Drop Shipping.

The Drop Ship e-commerce store is one that purchases through certain types of wholesale suppliers who specialize in supplying as little as one each of a specific product to your customer and they ship the item in your name as if it came from your business. These agencies often called jobbers or drop ship warehouses are largely importers who don’t mind sending the items in the name of another company because they buy a large volume of each product for the best possible price, you handle the advertising and client acquisition and they get a tidy mark-up or profit from the sale. Many of these companies even offer geographically based free shipping like Free to the US, or Free Shipping in Canada or the UK.

Learn more about Drop Shipping and E-commerce with ECommergy.

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