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Luella May

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Living with a Narcissist Can Kill You
2/2/2019 7:10:48 PM
Living with a Narcissist Can Kill You

Living with a narcissist will eventually lead to mental exhaustion, severe depression, anxiety, and other psychological conditions.. All this begins with feeling sad. Day in and day out sadness that does not go away turns to depression, anxiety, and mental exhaustion. Why? Because we have become mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, and have lost the ability to cope. The slightest tasks may be overwhelming, to the point that we may be thinking of all that we need to do and then just flop down in exhaustion, not even starting any of those tasks. Read More.

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Diane Bjorling

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RE: Living with a Narcissist Can Kill You
2/2/2019 8:27:52 PM
Hey Luella🙂

We meet on Facebook and here tada

I've been noticing you're writing alot about narcissism and there are so many thing I could say... the analogy of the frog being in water comes to mind...

Anyways I also wrote about this topic back in 2014 and will share with you what I me I've had too much experience with these people..personally, social media and in world politics.
I hope my thoughts will be of use to to you and your readers

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I hope you will share your thoughts on other social medium platforms like Facebook and Twitter

Take care of you


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