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How do you get your own Autoresponder?
1/26/2019 12:28:25 PM
Right now, I am offering a FREE 30 Day Trial of the TrafficWave Autoresponder system.

No long-term commitment! Set up your account today absolutely FREE. Try it for 30 days with zero cost and zero risk.

If you don't see how this system can help your business, do nothing. Your account will automatically expire at the end of the 30 day trial. Keep all the training information as my personal gift.

Thousands of people have used the TrafficWave system to save time, increase profits, and boost efficiency. You will have full access to this system free for the next 30 days.

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Believe me... the training alone is worth one hundred times the price of your subscription. When you join TrafficWave, you will have unlimited access to our members area where you will learn:

* How To Win The Search Engine Wars
* How To Turn Leads Into Paying Customers
* Why Some Advertising Works and Some Doesn't
* How To Create (and profit from) Your Own Opt-In List
* Secrets To Autoresponder Success

This is all included with your 30 day free trial along with full access to all of our powerful promotional tools AND the training to make it all work for you.

Can you invest the next 30 days to learn how to generate leads and turn web site visitors into customers?

No matter what you decide at the end of your 30 day trial, you will absolutely better understand how to use Autoresponders to increase profits, save time, and boost efficiency. You win!

Yours in success,


A.C. Walker
Don Evans

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RE: How do you get your own Autoresponder?
1/26/2019 1:12:16 PM
Hi Arthur,

That is the point of what we are doing with Share The Pride. Most people do not have the time to become an internet marketing expert. With our program(s) you do not even have to have access to the internet to "work the plan" since it is set up as a direct mail program although one can sign up from the website. NOTE: You can sign up for option 2 from the website. With option 1, you will only be able to sign up by response to a postcard and/or a flyer.

I say programs because right now we are activating our new addition to the program. Our members will have an option to participate in that. It is a 3 level Unilevel (no limit to how many people you can sponsor on your 1st level) that pays through 3 levels.

That is option 1 for our members. You will get complete details on how that works when you get your welcome package from the company AFTER you sign up with our current 2x12 matrix, That is Option 2 . What we already have. A 2 x 12 matrix.

I encourage you to get signed up in option 1 now. You can do that here.

This is going to be THE big success story of 2019.

Don Evans


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