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How To Identify a Pyramid Scheme
1/24/2019 11:37:55 AM
I am looking for TWO people who are not afraid to talk to their friends and neighbors about something real exciting when it comes along. That is a rare thing. That simply does not work for most people. I think most people do try it and when they find out that none of them will sign up for whatever they are promoting, they look for other ways to promote it. I am going to tell you about an experiment I am just starting as of now that I think will overcome that problem once and for all. I know you are busy, however, I think that if you can devote 2 or 3 hours to test this experiment for yourself, you can set yourself up to earn some real Big Paychecks within the not too distant future.

The #1 reason why people will not sign up is because they see your opportunity as just another one of them pyramid scheme. And they "know" to stay away from those things because they are a big scam. I think that in this experiment if we talk to people in person and show them what we have and how it works, we will do well.

This is something I wrote up to go with the two flyers mentioned below. Whey you talk to someone, you should give them a copy of this and those two flyers. Or send it to them by email. I just tell them to read it and that I will talk to them later. NOTE: I am also sending a copy of all 3 to some family members around the country. ALSO, those two flyers I mentioned are published here only on my profile. You can read them there. Here is the one thing I think can overcome that ...talking to people problem once and for all. I am looking for two people to join me in Share The Pride and test it for yourself.

Is Share The Pride a Pyramid Scheme?

You can promote Share The Pride (STP) completely through the mail if you want to and never have to talk to anyone. You can mail the postcard by itself. You can mail it along with one of the two promotional flyers we have for our team to work with OR you can mail it with both of them. I know that mail order works. In fact, Rob (the owner) tells me that up to this point 90% of all new orders come in through the mail. That's good. However, I think we can do it cheaper, a whole lot faster and have more fun doing it the old fashioned way. That is to talk to people in person about it. However, you need to be aware that ..the #1 objection we hear when we talk to people in person about this is: "That sounds like one of those illegal pyramid schemes to me and I don't want to get involved with anything like that".

After more than 30 years experience in the Network Marketing, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and/or /Referral Marketing industry, I can tell you with absolute certainty that STP is squeaky clean legal. Below I am going to list 3 tell-tell signs to help you identify a pyramid scheme and show you how STP is different.

#1- A pyramid scheme is typically high cost to get in and your earnings are based on the number of new members that you recruit into the scheme.

How does this compare to STP?

With STP there is a low ONE TIME cost of only $39./95 to get started. There is no recruiting requirement to make money. You are automatically qualified to earn commissions on the first 8 levels of our 12 level pay plan. It is possible to make money through spillover without ever sponsoring anyone. Spillover is when your sponsor OR his/her sponsor brings in more than 2 people. When that happens, some of those people might fall under you. However, you should not depend on only that. You should sponsor at least 2 people.

#2 Being required to buy lots of stock should set alarm bells ringing. And if the items that you’re selling are of little value, such as information booklets about the scheme, then it’s likely a scam.

How does this compare to STP?

We do not stock products.

#3 You’re not selling to the general public

How does this compare to STP?

With STP your income is based on the number of first time sales you make to the public. A new customer is automatically qualified to earn commissions on 8 pay levels. Sponsor only 2 people and you are qualified to earn commissions on all 12 levels of the pay plan.

This is the website -

When you get signed up, the system will send me an email to let me know you signed up. Then I will go into the back office and get your email address. Then I will send you my welcome package by email which has this and those two flyers in it.

I look forward to welcoming you as a new member!

Don Evans


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