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Tell Your Friends & Neighbors About This & Earn Big Financial Rewards!!
1/11/2019 5:05:38 PM
This is the title of the email I send to neighbors & Friends.
For my neighbors & friends

Hi Neighbor,

Share The Pride (STP) has redesigned the website and developed a new postcard. I have been around the "Work From Home" industry for more than 30 years and have been working with STP since May of this year and I invite YOU to join me there.

I just sent this to the 4 people I have sponsored so far.

Hi Guys,

STP is really looking good with those new postcards. You can simply mail postcards and earn some big paychecks. That's good. I ordered 600 of them with labels this morning.

However, there is another way to do it too .... for those who are not afraid to talk to people. You can do it the old fashioned way. Talk to your friends & neighbors about it.

This is a copy of an email I just sent to a friend here in town.


Would you be interested in a real good way to earn some extra money? Perhaps a whole lot of it over time if you get serious about it and treat it like a business. You would sit down with people you know (or even strangers) and spend about 15 minutes to show them a simple little program where for a one time cost of only $39.95, they could earn some real big paychecks. This is not some get rich quick scheme. This is the real deal. Let me know if you are interested. Then I will invite you down here to my place and show you how to do that.

All the best!

Don Evans
Background information.

I have been getting paid every two weeks with Share The Pride (STP) since May of this year. Not very big checks yet but consistently growing and I now have 59 people in my downline.

Take a look. ... website below.

This is a message I just sent to Rob, the owner.

Hi Rob,
Looks like you have come up with a really good new postcard. I like it. Especially that ...refer only 2 in yellow at the top. I just ordered 600 of them with labels. I also ordered 2 T-shirts.
Good work Rob!
Don Evans
This is the website:
My ID# is 10027
You can take a look at those order generating postcards on our Marketing Website.
Don Evans
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