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A Brief History of the Oleander Plant
6/6/2018 3:16:02 PM
A Brief History of the Oleander Plant

Part 3 of The Oleander Article Series

by Tony M. Isaacs
author of
Cancer’s Natural Enemy

(The Best Years in Life) In the Bible, the oleander plant is referred to as "the desert rose". Perhaps the name given this remarkable plant was no coincidence. Those of you who have read Dan Brown's entertaining combination of fact and fiction, "The Davinci Code", or who otherwise know a bit about pagan and early Christian religion will know that the rose is one of the most powerful of all religious symbols in pagan and early Christian religion and literature. It stands quite literally for nothing less than the feminine half of God, or the Goddess as that entity was called. It was also a symbol for very powerful healing. Read More.

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