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MLMGateway Is Absolutely Exploding With New Members!
2/26/2018 1:48:22 PM

I posted a short ad here about MLMGateway, and one person did sign up there as a result of that. The rest of you have missed out on what is going on there until now, because I am here to tell you that it is absolutely exploding with new members coming in every day.! Many of them there to promote whatever home business they are in, and a whole lot of them looking for a good way to make money from home.

If you are serious about wanting to build YOUR business, that is a real good place to be!
And, if you are looking for a good opportunity, you will see hundreds of them listed there. It's free to sign up. And you get 5 "Make Contact" points to help you get started.

That is where I will be promoting my JOKERS NETWORK business. I have several Business Announcements running now and have about 35 people on my contact list there that I will be sending updates to as the JOKERS NETWORK is getting ready for a full launch. You get 10 points when you publish a business announcement there.

I will post one more time here, but only in my JOKERS NETWORK forum. I posted that here yesterday and a lot of people read it, or at least clicked on it. I pulled that from here and posted it there. for two reasons.

1 They have a requirement that business announcements must be original and not to have been published anywhere else. That was the Funny Joke Contest - Win $90.

2. it is absolutely exploding with new members coming in every day.!

I will look forward to seeing you there.
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