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Trump Exposes The Fanatics - Visit To DAVOS Was A Smashing Success!
1/27/2018 2:33:02 PM
You Can Help To Male America Great Again!
Please see 3 X 10 Matrix Below

NOTE: 1 - This message is also posted in my Make America Great Again forum and we welcome your comments there!

Note: 2 - Remarks below the link are from those who watched the video. What do you think?

Laura Ingraham
Trump Exposes The Fanatics - Visit To DAVOS Was A Smashing Success!

Trump is using this new DACA plan to show the dems want back anything he does. He is meeting them half way or more and they probably want reach out to get it passed. At this point he can say I tried and now they are all gone! Or, they could go along with it and it passes which stops chain migration and you get the wall. Just think about this the 1.8 gets amnesty that could or could not include full citizenship. Which means they may not have the right to vote, if they get arrested they go back to their home of origin, or who knows. There are many ways this could go. But, the main thing is he is our president and we should support him because of that reason along. Also because, he has done more for us (Americans) in one year than slick dick Obama ever has!! Give him a chance to work his plan out before you jump on the bandwagon of FU Trump!!

We demand psychiatric evaluations on all Democrat politicians in D.C..

DACA and the 30 to 40 million illegal military service, criminal record, no job history....NO AMNESTY. Go back and fix your own country.

Remind the Left that they LOST! Yes FORTUNATELY, Maxine Waters is the ONLY recognizable Democrat name that they can have speak for Democrats nowadays, the rest are currently headed to Orange Pant Suit sizing appointments at Gitmo! Yes... Oscama and Killary and the Molestas sure have been quiet lately! Who will wear Orange the best???

MSM is not the people's media. It's a media that's hypnotized the unfortunate who don't have the ability or desire to take their eyes and ears away from television.

Tucker Carlson
CNN Loses its mind - This part is about 31 minutes into the video.
Also a heated discussion about DOCA...If people won't vote for you, bring in a lot of people who will. AND from California, offer a customer a straw and go to jail, AND coach fired for praying on the field.

What kind of person would dump their child in a foreign country. Let's be clear they are not refugees, just opportunists with a long term goal, chain migration.

He just had a 4 min monologue? Yea its HIS show. How come none of tuckers guests can answer direct questions w/out going off on these rants that distract from the question and the point? Like many of tuckers guests, this woman is bat**** insane.

why would you let millions of people in to your country who are OPENLY racist against you, are 1000% against your constitution and your laws and who have absolutely no intention of contributing to society but instead just expect everything for free? Why would ANYONE think this is a good idea?

f they don't want amnesty, don't give it to them. Thier parents forfeited the privilage of legal immigration when they broke our laws too come here in the first place. No citizen has the right to sponsor a criminal for citizenship. One more time, facts TRUMP feelings.

3 X 10 Matrix

Please Pass This message On To family, friends and neighbors.
Lets look at a 3 x 3 matrix.
I get 3 people who read this message who agree to pass it on
1 X 3 = 3
3 of those pass it on to others and get 3 more people who agree to pass it on through 10 levels.NOTE: We know it is not going to happen exactly this way. Some people will not get 3 and some might get a whole lot more. We want to get the Make America Great Again information out to as many as possible.
3 X 3 = 9
9 X 3 = 27
27 X 3 = 81
81 X 3 - 243
243 X 3 = 729
729 X 3 = 2,187
2,187 X 3 = 6,561
6,561 X 3 = 19,683
That's 29,493 people who have read it. And it continues to grow through infinity!

Don Evans
The Freedom Loving Country Western Cowboy
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