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Why The FDA Should Be Charged With Murder
1/26/2018 11:18:34 AM
You Can Help To Male America Great Again!
Please see 3 X 10 Matrix Below

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Jon Rappoport of reveals the "not so secret" medical memos the FDA has buried over the last few decades that show the damage prescription drugs have done to the American people
FDA must get money from big pharmaceutical companies.its the same with Monsanto they pay them to. I wouldn’t trust the FDA because many countries have banned most of the drugs and food your given. These two alone should be charged with murder. Did you know that most meat in our country has been fed on GMO feed and now our scientists have now discovered that it’s getting into the animals body’s so if we eat any it gets into our body’s and small holes develop in our intestines. I now only buy certified organic and others are following, Monsanto is banned here but yet they feed the poor animals with this crap feed.

I know a plant that is illegal that has cured a lot of symptoms that big pharmaceutical companies try to cure with their snake oil. Oh and guess what this plant/drug has not killed anyone by overdose. Can anyone tell us the name of this plant?

Pharmaceutical is the word for sorcery in Latin or Greek.

I got out of the medical field because i saw the medical field change from helping people to treating them as paychecks and the pharm co. Come in and buy their way in .when you learn the truth you cant cont. To be part of it so i had to get out of it.
3 X 10 Matrix

Please Pass This message On To family, friends and neighbors.
Lets look at a 3 x 3 matrix.
I get 3 people who read this message who agree to pass it on
1 X 3 = 3
3 of those pass it on to others and get 3 more people who agree to pass it on through 10 levels.NOTE: We know it is not going to happen exactly this way. Some people will not get 3 and some might get a whole lot more. We want to get the Make America Great Again information out to as many as possible.
3 X 3 = 9
9 X 3 = 27
27 X 3 = 81
81 X 3 - 243
243 X 3 = 729
729 X 3 = 2,187
2,187 X 3 = 6,561
6,561 X 3 = 19,683
That's 29,493 people who have read it. And it continues to grow through infinity!

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