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Make America Great Again - Breaking News Today - 1/24/18
1/24/2018 12:39:02 PM
Make America Great Again - Breaking News Today - 1/24/18

NOTE: 1 - This message is also posted in my Make America Great Again forum and we welcome your comments there!

Note: 2 - Remarks below the link are from those who watched the video. What do you think?

Laura Ingraham
California Registering Illegals To Vote - Starts about 33 minutes into the video.
Prior to that, about 17 minutes into the video, President Trump is scheduled to speak at the
World Economic Forum. You can be sure that speech will be about how he is putting America 1st in our trade agreements. There is also some talk about the NFL refusing to run an ad from a veterans association that simply shows a picture of the American flag and says Please Stand.


The Dem agenda is to import as many uneducated people from the world as they can to prop up their electoral success because Americans are no longer buying the Marxism they are selling.

Just say that California can't vote in any national elections.

I'm going to become homeless, and get the free stuff like the illegals, if I'm not paying my 8000 a year in fed taxes, then the government falls.

You guys have been spinning your wheels for over a year now! We have known this problem since Slick Willy got an illegal/immoral pass....FIX IT ALREADY!!! COWARDS are running this country, and 'We the people' are the sheep allowing this to perpetuate! Grow a pair! Enough is ENOUGH!!!

The damn NFL can go straight to hell. No more tax breaks, no more American tax payers money spent on them and no more federal funded domes built. I've been a Steelers fan for 49 years. NO MORE. I've had it with them all. While I'm at it, lets pull all our men and women in uniform out of the league. One very pissed off vet who WAS a fan. **** them all!!!

Don Evans
The Freedom Loving Country Western Cowboy
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