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1/12/2018 6:12:08 AM
ICO Token Bonuses

ICO Pre-Sale: 1 OLXA Coin = $0.01 {Each $10 = 1,000 OLXA Coins + 50% Bonus = 1,500 OLXA Coins}
Round1-ICO: 1 OLXA Coin = $0.012 {Each $12 = 1,000 OLXA Coins + 40% Bonus = 1,400 OLXA Coins}
Round2-ICO: 1 OLXA Coin = $0.014 {Each $14 = 1,000 OLXA Coins + 30% Bonus = 1,300 OLXA Coins}
Round3-ICO: 1 OLXA Coin = $0.016 {Each $16 = 1,000 OLXA Coins + 20% Bonus = 1,200 OLXA Coi
is a cryptocurrency designed for life usage. OLXA improves upon the Ethereum Blockchain and aims to fulfill its initial purpose of providing the public with a fast, instant, secure and efficient way for making direct transactions with respect to users privacy.
OLXA Coins are designed to become Crypto-Assets that combine the Blockchain Cryptocurrency with the real World Assets through Crowd-Projects. Beside the undergoing projects in launching products and services for OLXA Users such as OLXA Visa Card, Letter of Credit, i-advertising and Crypto E-shop.

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