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Message to my downline in TESA!
10/4/2017 9:57:43 PM
Hi Friends,

I just responded to one of my downline members,
Qaim Khan in TEsurfAcademy.
It was just to informative not to share.

Hi Qaim!

I would be glad to help you with TEsurfAcademy. The way to get the most out of it is to log in every day. You get 25 points by logging in and waiting for the timer to go down to 0. Then click on go to members area. I would say the 1st priority would be to get your Recruit Certificate by earning 1000 points.

Once you have the Recruit certificate you can play the BattleShip War Game and win many points. You can also earn commissions and $1 every day. Find more information about that in the navigation menu on the left

$1 Prize

Join the Academy of Surf forum, mark it as one of your favorites and click on New Reply or one of the subjects in the index. Explore, have some fun, ask questions, give suggestions and share your strategies for success.

Ken Wolff

The Soaring Eagle Team

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