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7/7/2017 4:15:29 PM

This has to be one of the most asked Questions?

So how DO you tell a Legitimate company from a scammy one?

Especially binary trades companies.

First of all don't believe everything you read online. I can assure you from personal experience that there are many scam web pages that will tell you to beware of certain companies yet have no proof or facts either good or bad about the company.

The fact is that many of these web pages that tell you that they are trying to save you from yourself by not joining them. What you will notice however is that whilst they are setting the seed of doubt in your mind they are at the same time promoting another company that they are getting a commission from. So it is in their best interest to sow the seed of doubt.

Having said that they don't slander or say that they know for a fact that a company is a scam, the reason for that is obvious lawyers are expensive, so subtle hints and the seed of doubt works wonders.

Dex Trader for example a well know popular signals, indicator and training company uses various companies in their training videos. They do not however receive any form of payment and are not affiliated to them in any way. As Maxx (one of the owners) would say "We have to be squeaky clean, honest and transparent with integrity."

Since it's concept there have been many companies that have come close to slanderous but ignoring them has always a good policy. It was not long before the real legitimate companies personally got in contact whilst the others tried to attack and failed miserably.

The due diligence, honesty, integrity and transparency of Dex Trader coupled with it's superb customer care has made it a leader in it's field, (I think unique is the word I am looking for.)

So if you are looking for a signal company, an indicator company, a binary training company that prides itself on customer care then look no further than Dex Trader.

Visit anyone of our sites and get the real deal, by the way you can train on their system for free, not many other companies will train you for free.

Check us out today and see if you have the mind to be a trader from home.

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