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Liking Someone...
4/28/2017 11:39:12 AM
What I have never understood is liking someone, and I don't just mean on social media, and then expecting them to change.

If you like them, why would you want them to change?

Oh, of course, we do change with time, experience, and even with knowing, and being known by, someone we haven't known before. But, expecting them to change so that YOU feel better about liking them?

Come on!

Nobody is perfect, and we like them for certain things that they are, say, or do.

However, it's just about guaranteed that there will also be things about them that don't appeal to, or attract

So, once again, it's about balance and choice. If you really LIKE the person, not just clicked the button because they posted a cute cat picture, then accept the fact that not everybody is perfect, including you and me. If you genuinely LIKE someone, a few blemishes should be forgivable.

That's what you want from them.

Give it and you might get it.


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