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Is Yoga a Good Way to Lower Blood Pressure?
4/26/2017 6:30:06 PM
Last year, in a report on hypertension, or high blood pressure, the American Heart Association stated that there was no definitive evidence that it did. However, the report was not able to state definitively that it did not.

The stance seemed to be that, simply, no reliable studies seemed to have been done on the subject.

The study actually was not specifically aimed at the question of yoga, per se, as a way to lower blood pressure, but, was concerned with various "alternative" methods of managing hypertension. While the study did not generate its own data through testing, it instead, sifted through large amounts of data and reached its conclusions based on the results of several other studies.

This should not be taken as a specific denunciation of yoga as a blood pressure lowering tactic in itself.

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Here's my unscientific take on the subject.

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