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Is The World on the Brink? The chaos May be a New Evolution...
4/14/2017 3:45:36 PM

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Is The World on the Brink? The chaos May be a New Evolution...

What if the world is not on the brink of destruction...

But, instead, on the verge of a human evolution?

My friend, Jennifer, shared something with me. She said Carl Jung coined a phrase, “critical mass,” which means:

10% of the energy potential is sufficient to rearrange the total energy field.

Jennifer’s supposition is: what if the chaos in the world...

And the chaos in your life...

And your current circumstances…

Are just love showing up in its different hues and densities, nudging each of us to an expansion?

Perhaps that nudge is compressing you into being part of that 10% which can actually change this entire thing?

Now, Jennifer McLean, who’s system of healing is creating a powerful buzz as it sweeps the globe with its accelerated and spontaneous results…

Well, she is offering you a way to contribute to this 10% while healing into personal health, abundance, wholeness, peace and more.

Right now, a powerful level of transformational support is here for you:

Jennifer is delivering advanced energy healing to assist you in alleviating your pain and suffering, and transforming all parts of your life.

What if this is a time of your great awakening to the magnificence which you are?

And, in that awakening, a renewal to a new level of health, freedom, and flow is yours?

This is your chance to discover true healing for yourself and others.

Then show up for the Reiki-like healing Attunements, then the habit-creating Power Healings....

That could just change it all.

Jung also said: “If you want peace, be a peaceful person.”

Join the evolution.

Be the 10%

You ready?

Jennifer has shared that this free program is igniting the light frequencies of your soul, turning on “your power” and healing up ancestral DNA. Through this program, you'll be able to move through your life with a level of freedom... once only imagined.

Register here to contribute your energy (in part through your healing) to “the 10%.”

Read what other participants in Jennifer's Attunements and Power Healings have experienced:

“You have helped me more in 24 days with this Power Healing Prayer circle than 10 years of Qi-gong or any other healing modalities over the last 16 years. Thank you.” ~ Carol

“I love the energy just attuned, integrated and balanced into my body. I'm living in a new light, new body, new soul!” ~ Virginia

“What was especially startling was halfway through your brilliant session I began to feel a strong energy going through both knees. For years that has been an area of constriction physically--chronic pain--never felt that vibration in that physical area before. I knew the emotions behind the constriction-but not that energy moving through. Not ever. This is wild.” ~ Regina

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