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NeuroHacks! 4 Powerful Brain Tools to Optimize Your Day... Get Your Life on Trac
3/28/2017 4:55:52 PM

NeuroHacks! 4 Powerful Brain Tools to Optimize Your Day... Get Your Life on Track.

Here is a wonderful new product from iAwake Technologies: Neurohacks.

Four powerful brainwave entrainment tracks to support you throughout the different cycles of your day:

a morning wake up track,

an afternoon recharge track,

an evening relaxation track,


a prepare-you-for-deep-healing-sleep track.

Neurohacks, formerly called Digital Pills, was originally commissioned by a friend and colleague of iAwake's who works in the film industry and wanted effective tools to help movie makers cope better with long, odd hours, get to sleep, and be able to recharge and focus.

iAwake continues to produce amazing life-enhancing and life-changing audio tools that enable us to wake up, show up, grow up, and become the best versions of ourselves -- which is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to others.


AM Wake Up:

Wake up effectively and enthusiastically (without caffeine)

Give yourself a dramatic cognitive edge before any important task or performance


Effectively maintain your afternoon energy

Refresh your brain in between marathon study or work sessions or any time you need an energy boost

Evening Relaxation:

Chill out after a hard day’s work

Significantly reduce stress any time


Clear your mind for deep sleep

Release negative emotions

We hope you will enjoy these tracks and use them to create a more flowing, creative, and happy life journey.

Check It Out:

What I love about Neurohacks (Digital Pills) is that they are very short yet very potent, and are a great introduction to using brainwave entrainment for those new to it. I have recommended Neurohacks to friends, family, colleagues and my therapy and coaching clients, for this very reason.

– Jamie Vasilyan, Solution Focused Hypnotherapist & Meditation

As a package I think this covers a great range of needs and provides effective tools for numerous scenarios. I could see it being used to help someone come off caffeine or cigarettes, to work with sleep/energy issues, for travel and jet/lag and so forth. A great little tool-kit for many occasions and I keep all the tracks on my mp3 player for just that reason.

—Owen, Herbalist and Wilderness Therapist, director of Earth Mind Fellowship

Click Here to Listen to a Sample:

Neurohacks! 4 Powerful Brain Tools to Optimize Your Day... Get Your Life on Track.

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