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The Cryptobitx Matrix - The Hottest Matrix of 2017!
3/18/2017 4:31:31 PM
The Cryptobitx Matrix is a 2x7 forced matrix.

Only 0.001btc (1$ and few cents) 1 time out of pocket to join, no expiry of your Level 1-7 subscription, so no monthly renewals!

Make up to 1094 bitcoins!

2x7 forced means you can only have 2 members on your level 1, when you get more these will go down under your 2 Level 1 members into your Level 2 where there are 4 needed.

Power of 2! The only thing everyone needs to do is bring in at least 2.

You bring in 2 = Level 1 completed with 2.

Those 2 bring in their 2 = your Level 2 completed with 4.

Those 4 bring in their 2 = your Level 3 completed with 8.

Next levels need 16-32-64-128.

Member to member payments directly into your bitcoin wallet, so no one can steal your money!

Company rotator to help fill the open spots in the matrix from top to bottom.

Now, why should you join our Primera Cryptobitx Team? It’s because we help you climb the levels faster and easier. We are active online and offline so our group link keeps spinning around and gathering registrations. These registrations spillover to members of our team. This is the extra support you get working with us aside growing your own network by fetching referrals with your own personal referral link. Also, our team members are active people who keep working tirelessly with their individual referral links, this also spills over to team members in such in-house networks.

We invite you to join the team today, click this referral link and get registered on the team,

After registration, please ensure you stay active with your own referral link to grow your local network and also do participate on our social networks to support the larger team too.

Readers that do not have a bitcoin wallet yet or do not know how to register on Cryptobitx can follow instructions on our team website, Follow the instructions and watch the videos to get signed up in minutes!

Welcome on board.

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