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A High Intensity Spiritual Workout for 60 Days? You Bet...
11/20/2016 3:18:01 PM

A High Intensity Spiritual Workout for 60 Days? You Bet...

If you attended Jeffrey Allen's Masterclass at Mindvalley Academy you'll know he's doing a revolutionary new program to introduce people to the world of energy.

This time, it's ingenious.

He's organized a FIRST-OF-IT'S-KIND 60-day obstacle-race-style spiritual fitness program designed to turn you from Energy-UNAware to Energy-Aware with just 10-20 minutes of commitment each day.

You can learn more about it here >>

We're talking about powerful, life-changing shift in how you experience the world — in just 60 days.

No ifs, or buts or what-ifs.

Every day for 60 days, you'll receive a little assignment from Jeffrey, a little challenge to overcome.

Every day you'll be a little more aware and fluent with energy.

It'll be fun.

You'll learn fast, make mistakes and try even harder.

There'll be community managers and thousands of other students who'll be holding you accountable.

Jeffrey will be there with you all along.

According to Jeffrey, you'll come out victorious - there's no other way.

You'll come out of the 60-days with complete awareness of the energy world.

And that will give you an unfair advantage in the physical world.

You'll be ready to manifest your dreams, eliminate negativity, attract synchronicities, heal your blocks and finally help other people with your energy tools.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Well, you can try it out for 30 days here >>


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