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The Billionaire Promoter Who Spoke to The People and Won
11/16/2016 8:47:43 PM
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“Donald J. Trump is the White Don King of Promotion……Only in America”

Congratulations to Donald J. Trump the 45th President Elect of The United States of America. So, how did he do it? Well, the answer was very simple, Old School and part of his repertoire as a master marketer and Unabashed Self-Promoter, he spoke to the people. Yeah, he tapped into his target market and offered common-sense solutions to resolve problems for those severely affected by failed policies of the last 8-years. Now, marketing is about service coupled with a solution designed to solve a problem to improve the quality of life for those seeking help. It’s about taking people from their state of discomfort to a place of perhaps love, affection and security. Okay, I am reaching with the love and affection but, security and even the ability to create one’s own economy was desired by the several of millions that viewed the billionaire business man as their savior. Hence, one can see why business and politics are about building relationships through networking. Yes, it’s a people business but, cash helps.

If, you cannot connect with your base then, you are operating a Non-Profit Agency and destined for the MLM Cemetery. Well, Hillary Rodham Clinton is now a member of the Walking Dead because she couldn’t connect with the masses despite clear and unfair advantages (bias media, funding, support from both Democrats & Republicans, sabotage of Bernie Sanders, celebrity support, etc.,) that were designed to have guaranteed her presidency; however, her negatives proved to be too much. In both business and marriage “relationship building” is critical to achieving success; however, trust (crooked Hillary, email scandal, sabotage of Bernie Sanders, Benghazi, system is rigged & Slick Willy’s history of sexual peccadilloes) between Senator Clinton and the American people was fleeting at best; hence, she lost. Unfortunately, Mrs. Clinton couldn’t close the deal because of a simple fact, she wasn’t TRUSTED.

Now, Donald Trump like other businessmen/entrepreneurs recognized that in the Digital Age of Technology connecting with the people remains critical to future success; therefore, implementing tools (webcasting, eBooks, podcasting, blogs, videos, newsletters, social media marketing, etc.) and strategies (Inbound Marketing) that attracted and communicated with potential voters was key to his victory. In fact, Mr. Trump’s twitter account has 28 million subscribers. Yep, mainstream media you are about to be replaced or just ignored because communication between the Donald and the public has just become more intimate and immediate through the home computer, mobile devices and not the corporate establishment media. Yes, New York Times, CNN (Clinton News Network) and others bye-bye.

Simple and straight forward language made the difference. Additionally, being a non-politician was helpful as President Elect Trump proudly stated on multiple occasions. In truth, he branded himself as a businessman and not a bloody attorney which is always a good thing because Congress is made up of 43%, US Senate 60% and House of Representatives is 37.2% are attorneys. One can better understand why the country has challenges with legislation, passing bills, confirming Federal Judges and other important functions of government due to the litigious creature known as the lawyer. It would seem Don Corleone (The Godfather, 1972) was right when he famously said, “a lawyer with a briefcase can steal more than a thousand men with guns”. Indeed, lobbyist are on Capitol Hill daily and every industry is represented by those economic mercenaries, who Charles Dickens famously stated, “the one great principle of English Law is to make business for itself”. So, we can understand gridlock in Congress and why the status-quo in Washington was due to for a change because the people are hurting and fed-up.

So, the election is over and Mr. Trump heads to Washington for the next 4-years. I say, to those who look like myself and are in fear for whatever reason to recognize your future is in your own hands not a politician’s. If, you give your power away and allow self-limiting thoughts to control you then, you have acquiesced to defeat before you tried. If, you truly believed Donald J. Trump is a racist then, get even with him by achieving economic success during his administration. With that said, let’s see what happens in 2017.


Vaurn James


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