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5 Step Process To Manifest A Life That Matches Your Vision For Living Heaven Lik
11/15/2016 2:32:42 PM

5 Step Process To Manifest A Life That Matches Your Vision For Living Heaven Like With Total Passion...

Just a reminder if you haven't joined Jeffery Allen's "Life Changing Power of Awareness" Masterclass at Mindvalley Academy...

This is your chance to learn Jeffrey's framework for increasing your awareness in the energetic world '97 a world that's beyond what we see, feel, hear and touch but pretty much is the controlling factor for every phenomenon happening to you.

You can sign up for FREE here >>

Just remember to choose the appropriate time slot so you'll be in a distraction-free state during the class.

Here are the highlights of this masterclass:

==> Discover the life-changing power of energy awareness and the secrets to using it to make quick decisions, spot lucrative opportunities and read people around you like an open book. (This is the key that unlocks an extra dimension for the reality in which you live.)

==> Identify whether you're succeeding in other people's dreams or your own. So many of us are programmed by the society to make goals that don't even matter to their soul's vision for their life on earth. In this masterclass, you'll learn a quick process to instantly "authenticate" your goals.

==> Explore the signs of waking up in the energetic world '97 most people are on the brink of awakening, and are experiencing amazing phenomena without being aware of it. All they need is one final push to awaken fully and gain the ability to consciously do something beautiful with this awareness. This Masterclass helps you identify if you're one of these people on the brink.

==> Learn how to tune into your inner compass and use it as a feedback loop to accelerate your journey towards living your greatest life. Plus hear Jeffrey's own inspiring story where his inner compass kicked him out of a stable but boring life to make way for a remarkable life of service and abundance.

==> Be guided through a powerful 5-step process to manifest a life that matches your vision for living heaven-like with total passion, fulfillment, and abundance without having to deal with the cyclic negative-energy influx that's common in the non-aware world.

==> And so much more...

I believe this Masterclass will give you the key to being aware of who you are in the energetic world.

And this will set you free '97 so you can be yourself no matter what.

As the great Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu said,

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness."

So consider joining this new training by Jeffrey Allen at Mindvalley Academy.

It will only make you better.

You can see all the details here >>

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