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What The Bleep Is Going On? Powerful Practices to Stay Centered & Help Bring San
11/13/2016 7:23:13 PM

What The Bleep Is Going On? Powerful Practices to Stay Centered & Help Bring Sanity to the World!

Amid the acrimony and violence in our world, it can be difficult — some days almost impossible — to find a calm center in the storm.

But the good news is that this calm… this peace… hasn’t actually gone anywhere.

It’s still present within you. You just may need powerful tools to get reconnected and stay connected with it.

That’s why I’m encouraging you to join me for a free online event with peacebuilding and social change activists Philip Hellmich and Emily Hine.

You can register here for What The Bleep Is Going On?

Powerful Practices to Stay Centered & Help Bring Sanity to the World:

Emily and Philip know from deep personal experience that in times of great discord, it’s essential that we deepen personal transformational practices…

During this one-hour call event, you’ll discover:

  • How conflict is a natural part of life — the key is recognizing it as an opportunity for growth and healing, so it doesn’t spiral into destructive patterns of thought and behavior

  • What causes polarization in politics and communities and what you can do to help bridge divides in your family, spiritual community and neighborhood

  • The “hedonic treadmill” that diverts you from happiness and contributes to over-consumption, global crises, climate change and geopolitical conflicts

  • Why mindfulness, yoga, compassion and other ancient practices are critical to navigating conflict and retaining personal health and inner peace in a time of crisis

  • How science corroborates these practices

  • How crises can help you awaken to your higher self — and how you can apply your energy, frustration and passion to positive ends

  • The exponential growth of leading-edge peacebuilding methods and actions across the planet, and what you can do to access these tools for inner and outer peace!

It’s free to attend, simply RSVP here:

You’ll discover insights and practices to bring healing and harmony to every area of your life…

A recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the live event.

What The Bleep Is Going On? Peace Practices For You... Ready For Some Good News?

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