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First I thought I would introduce myself, and tell you a short version of my journey here on the internet. I am Marty Petrizza, owner of three traffic exchanges which are also mailers, 7 other mailers and Referral Frenzy and Referral Builder Elite. I started my mission to become a stay at home internet marketer back in 2010 by launching Website-Traffic-Hog. I am now earning a great salary totally online, growing all my sites and always thinking of ways to come up with ideas and tools that will help fellow dreamers. Well, it really does not have to be a dream. I had nothing different to work with than you; oh, but actually you do have something different to work with, they're called Referral Frenzy and Referral Builder Elite!

"No More Excuses" is the total package! Just knowing what to do is not enough. You also need the right tools and enough advertising to see you to success. You will get it all here and support you can rely on as you learn how to use the tools and concepts of marketing that have worked for me.

As you read this book you will find some things being repeated. I did this on purpose because I know most will not read the entire book start to finish. So I'm hoping by having some things in here a couple of times they will get read, and taken note of.

This book is going to give you an exclusive opportunity to get a trial membership to Referral Frenzy FREE for 7 days and explain all the ins and outs of GREAT marketing! Along with this book comes a huge advertising package to get you going.

Bonus Advertising Package

I have chosen 17 sites to be in the bonus area.

There are 10 of my own:

Booming Website Traffic
This is a manual surf site and NEW Mailer! Getting daily CTR's in the high 3%! Great active membership base. Home to Extraordinary Solos and Super Logins.

Easy Peasy Mailer
A unique script site that give your the option to mail the entire membership base with each mail. Earn Tokens and Mail!

This is my largest membership site. 6700+ active members to mail. 2% click-thru rates on every mail!

Guaranteed Mails
You choose the level you want to reach with opend mails and that's what you get! EVERY TIME YOU MAIL!

Guaranteed Solo Mails
This is a SUPER double opt in credit mailer with always guaranteed results, and the ONLY Solo Mailer out on the net that will guarantee 500 Unique IP views from every solo sent!

Manual Surf Traffic, Profit Share Options, and NEW Mailer Just Added. Has some the the best active marketers online to see your ads.

Lazer Hits
Great double opt-in credit mailer. Home of Extraordinary Solos! 200 Unique IP Views per solo.

Traffic Booster Mailer
New Design! Double Opt in Credit Mailer reaching a great membership base! Home of Extraordinary Solos that guarantees 200 unique IP views.

Viral Ad Magnet
Over 3000 active, subscribed members. These are serious marketers here!

My original site! Manual Traffic with a credit mailer. Guaranteed Views and lots of extras! Established marketers who want to see your offers.

Five of the bonus sites belong to Doug Forbes and Louise Deavin:

Big Beach Hits
This is a jewel among traffic exchanges! Louise has put such tender love and care into this site and you will see the results of her careful marketing strategies.

Conversion Mail
Doug's and Louise's sites are micro managed! You will reach only active marketers and the difference in your results will be seen.

Downline Viral Traffic
Manual Traffic at it's best! Only real marketers here your offers will get seen and noticed!

Land Marketing Mailer
Mails do still really work. You will see that when you use any of their sites. NO fluff or wasted mails here.

Traffic Delivers
A top traffic exchange! Voted by it's members ranked #8. If you've wanted to give up on traffic exchanges its time you tried this one.

One site from Janet Legere:

Prospect Geyser Viral Mailer
Janet has been in the business for many years and is a trusted admin. If you want a great double opt-in mailer at a site that converts try this one!

One site from Greg Chadwick:

Prodigious List
Very responsive list with over 3000 active subscribers. Greg Chadwick is a seasoned and trusted site owner and marketer who keeps only clean active lists so your credits are not wasted.

So let's get going and get these bonuses into your accounts!

As you set up your account you will want to choose between a USER and PROMOTER membership level.

As a USER you get:
  • 3 Banners in unlimited rotation
  • 3 text links in unlimited rotation
  • Bonuses to all mailers and all traffic exchanges
  • Commissions Plus page which will tell you all the commissions due to you from all the sites that are included in Referral Frenzy
  • The Mailer Tool and Email Template, This allows you to mail out remotely from Referral Frenzy to all the mailers included
  • Schedule mails at a rate of up to 300 out as far as 30 days
  • Be entered weekly in the $10 raffle draw, and be able to earn more raffle tickets by reading solos
  • You can rebrand and share this book; you earn 50% from rebranding
  • You can earn 50% from every SUPER TOOLS sale (when you purchase the SUPER TOOLS add-on)
  • You will get all the above tools - PLUS -
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A promoter is the only way you will have your affiliate ID for Referral Frenzy itself in the book if you rebrand.

You can still rebrand and share this book and earn 50% from the $10 rebranding.

Get Your FREE 7 DAY TRIAL and BONUS PACKAGE NOW! Choosing the Yearly or Lifetime will give you the best deal, or take the Free Trial and pay the regular price:

Upgrade to PROMOTER membership level here

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You will collect your bonus advertising from the "Bonus Advertising" area. The sites included for your bonus will be highlighted and once you enter your IDs you will be able to claim. Remember, there is a Mailer bonus area AND a Traffic Exchange bonus area.

Once you see how easy it is you will never want to be without your membership at Referral Frenzy. While all the schemes and one-liners will have you believe you can instantly make money, it is a misconception to believe you never have to invest any money, or do any hard work to get there. With the right tools and some time investment on your part you can really do this!

You can also rebrand this book for $10 and then earn 50% just from sharing this great offer with others and earning rebranding commissions. Make sure you have filled in all your IDs that pertain to the book before you share your link or use the splash pages to promote.


This sales page will allow you to set up your free account and rebrand the book by filling in your IDs. It is not necessary to have an active membership at Referral Frenzy in order to do this.


Referral Frenzy is designed to give you the advertising you need and save you time doing it. As of the writing of this book there are 109 mailers included. Referral Frenzy gives you the ability to login remotely to each site and mail to all 100+ from one template in about 3 minutes. That is powerful mailing!! Not only can you post to all those sites but Referral Frenzy also gives you bonuses at almost all sites monthly so you have enough advertising to get results. You can schedule up to 300 mails as far out as 30 days. This is priceless when it comes to strategically timing your ads. You do need to make a membership at each site, but this time spent pays out huge in the long run, and to be honest the more exposure you can get for your offers the better chance you have of converting a looker into a sale.

Referral Frenzy also has 36 traffic exchanges included at the time of writing this book that also give you a huge advertising package each and every month. This includes surf credits and banners and texts at each.

The trial membership will allow you to mail to all the mailers within Referral Frenzy that you are members of and that you have filled in the info for. YOU CAN USE ALL 100+ MAILERS IN YOUR FREE TRIAL MEMBER AREA! You will also be able to see the other tools that will be available to you once your subscription runs.

Utilizing all this advertising may seem overwhelming but we have a solution for that as well.

OUR NEW SUPER TOOLS allows you to add credits to your surf sites, banners and text ads; again all remotely and automatically from Referral Frenzy. I can tell you this is a super time-saver and when you use all the advertising Referral Frenzy gives you, there is just no way you will not get results! You can promote this all by itself and a one time fee of $24 gives you use of the tool for life, and every site ever added will be accessible as well.

You can also earn 50% on promotions for this tool. Any level membership can promote! It is a one time payment of $24 and does not need an active Referral Frenzy membership to use. FREE members are able to purchase, use and promote this tool!



Now that you have your account set up, there are an abundance of great sites to market. A few particulars will be helpful. I personally will make sure anything I am marketing is at least paying 40% commissions for my time, and this also means members coming in will be willing to upgrade for the value. This, of course, means you probably will have to upgrade to get the best commissions, but as I have said before you must be willing to do a bit of investing in yourself. Yes, you can promote sites you are free in, but it will not pay you the same for your time that it would if you spend that little bit to be upgraded. Most importantly make sure YOU feel that the site you are promoting is actually giving someone something of value! Not just that you COULD make good money but what you offer is valuable to someone else.

All marketers and site owners need advertising. This is all I promote other than my own sites, which all happen to be advertising sites of one kind or another. Choose sites that give a fair amount of advertising for the money, who give great commissions and who have a great reliable admin. You'll do well if you choose from these criteria. You can as well sell items from eBay stores but make sure you see the particulars in marketing tips for those. MLM sites also work but make sure you are promoting ones that everyone can earn fairly in, and not ones where all the money funnels back only to the top of the chain.

Don't sell empty promises to anyone! Just because you can get a sign up and maybe an upgrade, if there is no value to it you are doing no one a justice and it will eventually fall apart. Your good NAME out here on the internet is more precious than gold. Do not ruin it! If you know a program is really worthless, you won't hide it forever.

Obviously if you own your own site this is what you want to concentrate on marketing the most! Keeping new and interested members coming into your site is the only way you will survive, and is necessary for growth.

Launches are another great way to earn and quite fun! Launches are brand new sites and the first two weeks a site is live is the best time to earn. Always so much excitement with a launch! You want to get as many referrals under you as you can. They will be with you for the life of the site so timing is critical. Launches are a quick paced earner, but you have to be right on top of your game and ready to get your marketing out there right away. Make sure you see the Tips section on Launches.


Because the internet is worldwide and open 24 hours a day you can market anytime. I have found morning mails 8:00am or mid evening mails say about 8:00pm work the best, and get some of the largest open rates. Your mails are going all over the world so you will never hit these times across the globe, so work with your target area the most.


Don't over hype. Don't lie about the product or the results. Keep it short and sweet. Tell what the site has actually done for you. If it’s not doing anything for you, why are you marketing it? Write your email like you would talk to a friend in normal language; if it is exciting, then sound excited, but you don't want to come off sounding like a salesperson over-exaggerating the truth.

Get ready to market with mailers by setting up your account at one or more of the popular payment sites,,, and/or It will be more than likely through one of these that you will be getting paid. PayPal is the most popular and most all sites do pay with PayPal. Next you need to get ready to use mailers. Mailers are scary to some. They think about all those mails they are going to get, and just do not know how to handle them. It really is not that hard. I belong to hundreds of mailers and use most of them. Make sure you go to and set up one or two emails that you will use exclusively for mailing. These will be the list emails you use when you sign up to the mailers here in Referral Frenzy or elsewhere. You will have to verify your account and then you are set. You can set filters up if you like - see this explanation. This will allow you to filter mails from certain sites. Then you can read at your leisure for extra credits. You can also read right from your member area here at Referral Frenzy.


In my opinion mails still work best out of all the marketing choices. Double opt-in lists, NOT mass email lists. You want to use sites that keep old inactive members off their mailing lists so you do not waste your credits. Most email blasters do not work well as 80 to 90 percent of the emails are going to people who will never ever read your mail. You can send to 100,000 but if only 10 open and read your mail you might as well have sent to just those 10! This is another reason Referral Frenzy works so well. Referral Frenzy is using regular active membership bases from up-to-date smaller sites to do this. It is logging into YOUR very own member area and mailing your mail for you.


Emails are particularly intriguing to me and funny how one can perform better than another even though they are promoting the same offer or site. I find simple is best. Do not write an entire novel about your offer or site. Just write what is pertinent, amazing and exciting or different. Do not lie or overhype! Do not use subject lines that are misleading! If a person clicks on a subject line thinking they have earned a commission, and then you try to sell them something, well, you have right then and there stomped on their foot. Do you think they will then purchase something from you?

Your subject line should be intriguing. Maybe it will ask a question many want answered, or answer a question. Put your best offer on the subject line. Just shoot straight and you will get the best results that way. Same with the body of your email. No fluff, no hype, bare facts sell!! People do need what you have, if it is real and useful. So you do not have to oversell. I have made some of my largest sales with a 4 line email!

Now the debate of whether or not to use text or HTML. HTML ads do get a bit more attention. I think the click thru rate to the site is better, but again you need to have what they want to make a sale. If you do not have time to make a pretty HTML mail, do not let that stop you. Just get your mail done and out there. Many times it will take people seeing your offer several times before they respond or look. Be consistent with your mails, take time to add new and different information. Use different subject lines to grab the attention even though the body may stay the same. Get your mails out consistently. With Referral Frenzy it takes about 3-5 minutes to enter a new mail and mail to all mailers. Do this every time your mails are available or use the scheduling feature to do it during times you are busy.

You will set up all your mails for Referral Frenzy at "My Ads". You will save them according to whether they are text or HTML and you can create a copy as HTML or text very quickly.

Now you're ready to roll! Can I tell you right here in your hands is a great way to make money! Yes, this book! This fits all the criteria. It gives people something they need: advertising, knowledge and a way to get it out there. Rebrand this book and start promoting it! You will not only make money from the sales of the rebranding but also everyone who comes in under you has the potential for long term residual income if they upgrade in any of the bonus sites. You can keep your account just as a user or make sure you choose to become a seller if you want to earn from Referral Frenzy upgrades.


We all love traffic exchanges! Unfortunately, they are starting to bring less results these days, but still can be a great source for commissions or affiliate sales. Use splashes that are quick to read and easy to see. You only have a few seconds to get the attention of the member viewing and entice them to click. Put your best features out there! Don't spread your credits out too thin. Don't have 10 sites each getting 100 views, have one site getting 1000! It can take many views before someone responds. You will find all the bonus advertising the regular membership at Referral Frenzy and Referral Builder Elite gives you for traffic exchanges will be a vital asset! They both give you a HUGE package every month and can be a complete game changer!


While it can seem like a tedious job, this is advertising that will be out there for you for months to come, and how nice when you have that "surprise" commission you never expected. Using our new SUPER TOOLS Referral Frenzy can submit these banners, texts, and website credits to your sites with just a single click.

You can watch a video on setting up Super Tools here


Joining each site and entering your login info is the most tedious of all the work you will have to do, but will be well worth it for you. Most all sites here do give a monthly bonus for you, so join free to all, upgrade when you can and ONLY take the time to promote upgraded accounts.

Go to "Send Mail v2.0" and you will see all mailers listed by Text only and HTML/Text types. Text only can accept plain text mails and HTML/Text can accept both. Click on the name of the site and join up if you are not a member. Use the Gmail you want the mails to go to for your list email. Make sure you go straight and verify this email when they send your verification email. You will enter your login and password on the v2.0 page. Once you have done that you are ready to use the mailer. My suggestion is join 10 or 15 a day till you're all set up. You can use with as few as you like or as many, but with all that great monthly advertising and the fact that you can mail to 10 or 100 in about the same amount of time, why would you not use them all?

You can view an easy step-by-step video here

Once you get set up you will want to go manually run your bonuses or they will run automatically as well within 24 hours of upgrading. These reset and run automatically the first of the month for you. New sites that are added in the middle of the month will have to be manually claimed. Just go to the "Bonus Advertising" area make sure your IDs are entered and click "Claim Now". I will be telling you when a new site is added so make sure you are reading the admin emails so you do not miss one.


Okay, you are all joined up to the mailers and you are ready to mail. Before you can mail out you need to create a mail. Make sure you follow the guidelines for the best email results when writing your mails. You will go to "My Ads" to enter your email. The subject line is your attention grabber so make is count! Next, fill in the body of the mail and then enter the target URL. After creating a text email you can create a HTML mail by clicking on "Create an HTML" mail. The editor will open and you can bold, highlight or add images as you like. Then save as an HTML. Remember, ALL sites can take a text email but only HTML mailers can take an HTML mail. The mailers are separated for you in the mailer area.

Your next step is to go to the v2.0 mailer!

"Send Mail v2.0" will take you to a list of all the mailers; the top ones being text only mailers, and the bottom ones HTML/Text. You can choose to tick all the text mailers and then tick all the HTML mailers or you can choose a list separately. You can also read mails for more credits right from Referral Frenzy. Click on the number of required emails you need to read to mail and read, and then, make sure you click the "Check Status" button afterwards. It will then update your mailing page. Next, click "Send" and the page that opens will show you when you can mail, and how many credits you have to mail with. By default the most you can mail is filled in. You can change this if you like. I always mail out the most I can, as often as I can, concentrating on one promotion at a time. Lastly, you will choose your email by subject line in the drop down bar at the bottom of the page. Choose to schedule a time in the future, or if you choose no date clicking "Post Ad" will submit it right away.

You can see a video on these features here


Most all sites have referral builders. Referral Frenzy in itself is a huge referral builder because all the sites here will show your affiliate IDs to your referrals if you have taken the time to enter your info. The list of sites in a referral builder are typically the favorites of the site owner or members. So a good choice for joining. I can tell you that many a surprise sale comes from this area. To leave it blank in any site you are promoting is a very grave mistake.

A lot of work, right? So, again I have an answer for you. I created Referral Builder Elite.


This is a site I created to compliment what you are doing in Referral Frenzy. It also has a huge marketing package in the bonus area that gives you that critical advertising you need. It is a tool that automates the filling in of referral builders in ALL the sites at Referral Frenzy and lots of others. Referral builders are the cherry on top! So many surprise commissions come from here and so many people lose them because they never take the time to update them. It is a time consuming chore to say the least, but with Referral Builder Elite it becomes quick and easy.

You need to create an account at Referral Builder Elite first. I would make sure you have all your Referral Frenzy logins and IDs in place in the bonus and mailer area before using the tool, because Referral Builder Elite will be able to import all that information quickly into your member database area for you. To do this you will go to "Check Sites" and find Referral Frenzy. Run the tool for the referral builder of Referral Frenzy so all these IDs get entered into your Referral Builder Elite account.

Next, you are ready to run the tool for each site that is in Referral Frenzy and you will find them in the "Check Sites" area. It will take a couple of minutes per site and as you do this pay attention to any spots that are open, so that you can fill them in, or if there are discrepancies you can change them before you update.

You can also enter your affiliate IDs site by site in the "A to Z" if you note certain ones not being included that you belong to and promote. Make sure you visit the "Banners" and "Texts" areas as well and set up your banners and text advertising in rotation. Don't forget Referral Builder Elite has a bonus area much like Referral Frenzy and NOW it is automated as well! This will give you a double whammy for advertising. It is the advertising most of all you are lacking, not the know-how that gets you the results! These will run the first of the month or within 24 hours of you joining up and entering your info. Just click on the sites and join and enter your affiliate IDs and passwords for the sites. If you are already established at Referral Frenzy and you run the "Check Sites" it will have already filled this in for you.

Referral Builder Elite is one big referral builder as all the sites that you have IDs entered will show your affiliate IDs to your referrals when they go to sign up or join. You can also earn 50% commissions on sales of membership there.

It works hand-in-hand with Referral Frenzy and almost all the mailers and Traffic Exchanges that are here at Referral Frenzy are in Referral Builder Elite so make sure you join up!


There are a lot of things to help you get ready for launches. Writing your emails ahead of time for one and also writing and scheduling these mails to go out along with the timing of the launch on sites that allow this. You can schedule up to 300 mails out as far as 30 days from the mailer area. Please respect the launch time. If you do not you may well lose those referrals and possible commissions as well. is a site I use that helps me tremendously with launches. Not only can you track your hits but sales and responses as well. You can set up a campaign using the tracker URL that can be changed at any time. So I use this tracker URL at all the traffic exchanges and load it with traffic. I might have this URL at 40 or 50 sites. If launch time is say noon 12:00pm, then at that time I can just go to HitsConnect and change the URL on that certain campaign to the one for the launch site and BOOM at 12:00pm the splash for the new site is live on 40 to 50 sites! If you own a site, then using a timed template mod is also a great tool, or at the very least have the HTML or text for your ad ready to put into your member area, email etc., as soon as the site launches. I can't stress enough how critical this will be. You need to really push hard especially the first 72 hours! Get as many mails out, credits on traffic exchanges, banners and texts getting views as you possibly can. This is where the "3 times" rule really does apply. It is said statistically it takes seeing something at least 3 times before someone signs up. You want everyone to have seen YOUR ads at least 3 times within that 72 hour initial period so this takes that extra push during this critical time if you want to beat others to those referrals. If it is a good site, people will be signing up and you want to get as many of these under you as you can. It's fun and can be very rewarding if you are on top of your game. Referral Frenzy and Referral Builder Elite will give you the advertising you need for these campaigns!! Don't worry!


eBay marketing and marketing items that are in online stores can be a little more tricky to get results. My biggest recommendation is to try to point to a specific item when you can. So your mails, or splash at a traffic exchange will lead the looker to the page that shows a specific item that you think you have that is unique or well priced. While leading them to the store may be great it will lend itself to people wondering all around the site and maybe never choosing to buy. If you lead them to the end result you want, which is purchasing a certain item you are more likely to have it happen. So let me walk you though that... Your splash or email describes a super cool locket you have for sale. The splash has a picture of it, maybe, and a description. When they click on that it takes them straight to the page in your store that includes that locket. They can certainly go elsewhere from there but if you got their attention about the locket you don't just want to lead them to the store, you want to lead them to the locket. You want to use the same approach for mails. Describe your item in detail and why you have the best priced, best made, one of a kind item they will really love. Then the link in your mail needs to take them straight to that item in your store, not just the main index page of the site.


The TripleAPlan
The TripleAPlan is a must read for all marketers. You can get your free copy by joining Conversion Surf today. Referral Frenzy and Referral Builder Elite will give you the tools and advertising you need to put the strategies of good marketing to work. The TripleAPlan will lay out the strategies that DO work! The best ways to create residual income, and the best sites to do it with. Make sure you read through this book and take the recommendations to heart. They work and have been tested and proven over and over. The book and its strategies have created income for lots and lots of newbies and seasoned marketers as well.

If you wish to read TheTripleAPlan but feel do not want to join a site to read it, you may download your free copy of TheTripleAPlan ebook by clicking here. The internet world is at your fingertips. It has only just begun and is truly still a baby! So much growth ahead!

So NOW is the time to make your move!

I am here always for questions and help.


Marty Petrizza
Marty Petrizza
October 2016

Copyright © 2016 Marty Petrizza. All rights reserved.
You may share this free book, either by copying the PDF file, or by printing it, as long as you do so without charge or modification.


Daniel Meritt

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11/2/2016 5:06:52 PM


Making sure that you have success with your online
marketing is my goal!


Go to the "Send Mail v2.0" navigation Menu and enter all your affiliate and password details. The mailer is the powerhouse of the whole system. Before you can mail you must create a mail at "my ads." Always do this first before getting ready to mail.

Now your ready to mail! Go to "Send Mail v2.0". This will log you into all the relevant mailers and give you updated stats. The Text and HTML mailers have been separated for you. You can then tick the "select all" box or manually tick the ones you would like to mail out to.

Next click "send." From this page you will adjust your credits and choose the mail you want to send to these sites.

Scheduling also takes place from here. If you do not want the mails to go out right away then select a time. Server here is UTC time.

You can schedule up to 300 mails in advance and up to 30 days out. You will see results of these mails as far as if they posted correctly on your "My Mailings Page".

"My Ad Stats" page will show you the actual stats and CTRS from each mailing.

Being members of all the sites and also being upgraded will make this extremely powerful for you.

This next part is great!
Go to "Bonus Advertising".
This advertising gets added in every month.
Make sure you get your login details added or
your account won't be updated each month.
You can login from the bonus page to manage your accounts as well. Bonuses are NOW AUTOMATED!


The Commissions Plus page is a great tool!!
You can quickly keep up with all your commissions from all the sites here in Referral Frenzy's bonus section and Mailers. Just go to the Commissions Plus page to see them. It is updated at the end of every day. You an also click on each individually for real time report.

Being a PLUS member you now can schedule your mails.
YOU'RE Gonna Love It! ONCE you set up a mail then just decide when you want it to go out.

Visit your "Banner/Text" area.
Simply enter your information! They will stay in constant rotation.


You will want to send solos and read them.
Read your solo if you get one.
You will never get more than six a day.
Click on the credit link and save up points for a great
DISCOUNT on a future solo mailing. Reading will also earn ticket entries into the weekly $10 Raffle. GET A RAFFLE TICKET FOR EVERY 4 SOLOS YOUR READ AND 1 JUST FOR BEING A PLUS MEMBER!
Solos go to all members of
Referral Frenzy, DownLineBuilderElite, and all active Email-Hog Members - currently 6533!

Ok, it really is just that easy.
Make sure you use the mailers as often as your upgrade permits.
You can advertise your own site or favorite affiliate sites.

NOTE: Everyone Needs Advertising!
Good advertising sites are the best affiliate sites to promote.

I highly recommend the TRIPLE A PLAN
This is a very easy to follow plan for marketing online and it works!!
Daniel Meritt

541 Posts
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11/5/2016 8:54:08 PM

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