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How to make a diet plan that works
10/7/2016 3:22:14 PM
How to make a diet plan that works

A Guide to a Diet Plan That Works

I am fat! I want to be more tone! I need to lose weight! These are all things we say to ourselves as we look in the mirror. We all have things that we want to physically change about our bodies, and that mainly is to lose weight. But guess what! Your weight loss goals are not accomplished by just wishing for it. So the next question is, "How do we reach our goal?" The answer is by sticking to a healthy diet, which is done by making a food plan that you will both enjoy and be satisfied with. The next question now is, "How do you make a healthy diet plan like this?" There is a wonderful way that will be explained more in detail. Here goes!

Step #1: Decide what your goal is.
The first step in making that diet that you will be sure to stick figure out how many pounds you want to lose per week. Once your goal is decided, you are on your way to determining what your plan will be.

Step #2: Figure out what you need to eat to accomplish your goal.
This step is where you figure out your intake. Should you cut down on carbs? Should you eat more protein and fat? Whatever the ending deciding factor is just remember that carbs, protein, and fat are all essential for your body, so do not completely cut anyone out. Your key is to eat healthy, not eliminate anything entirely.

Step #3: Decide your daily calorie consumption.
According to
statistics, the average woman needs to eat 1500 calories per day in order to lose one pound of weight per week and the average man needs to eat 2000 calories per day in order to lose one pound of weight per week.

Step #4: Decide your daily carbs consumption.
Based on your new knowledge of how much calories you need to eat in order to lose your one pound per week, decide how many calories you want to consume from carbs. Keep in mind, however, that decreasing the amount of carbs consumed is one of the best tips in losing weight.

Step #5: Decide your daily protein consumption.
When deciding your protein consumption, good knowledge to have is that protein helps you to feel full longer. This is good when it comes to the calorie consumption part because the fuller you feel, the less calories you will consume. In addition, when protein is paired with carbohydrate-rich foods, future cravings are limited, again decreasing the amount of calories you consume for the day.

Step #6: Decide your daily fat consumption.
When carbohydrates are replaced with foods rich in healthy fats, weight loss will be more successful. We are not talking about chocolate bars, potato chips, or beef. Healthy fatty foods include nuts, vegetable oils, avocado, and peanut butter.

Step #7: Plan your interesting meals according to your decided consumption.
When you finally have an idea of what you want to consume and what you will replace what with, you can then put together your food plan. Make a list of the foods that you like that will adhere to your new diet. Plan what food groups you will have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. Ensure that the meals are appealing to your taste, but that they are healthy at the same time.

Step #8: Stick to your plan.
Do not get sidetracked. It is important that your diet plan is exciting because you will need to endure it until your goal is accomplished.

Step #9: Enjoy.
Make sure that you eat healthy and you are taking pleasure in it at the same time. Weight yourself every week and record the results. Compare the previous week's result to the current weeks. This is one way you will be motivated and keep up with your diet plan.

These steps to a making a diet plan that will work is extremely essential in the success of your goal. Knowing how much calories you should consume per day and adjusting your carbs, fats, and proteins appropriately will prove effective. Put those intriguing healthy meals together and you will be sure to lose that unwanted weight quickly!

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