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MarketHive: Your Market-Network with Value and Customized Solutions for Clients
10/3/2016 2:07:44 AM
[if !mso]> MarketHive: Your Market-Network with Value and Customized Solutions for Clients

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“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows the resources with a new capacity to create wealth”, “while also, creating some enemies” ………Peter Drucker

For the last decade Social Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit and countless others have changed the way inviduals, people and businesses communicate with each other online due to continued evolution of software-technology. Now, the Digital Economy remains relatively new and those who recognize the benefits (software engineers, entrepreneurs, ventures capitalists, businessmen, millennials, etc.) are moving, innovating and working like mad to advance to the next level in this technological revolution which involves digital business and a new business model called Market-Networks. Yes, the RICH can smell the money but, do you?

So, what is a Market-Network and how does it work? Well, it’s very simple because it consists of three components consisting of the following: the assimilation and integration of "Marketplaces" (buyers and sellers who conduct transactions on sites like eBay, Amazon, etc.); "Networks" (created profiles that identify Individuals, professionals or groups who communicate with each other on about a project on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.,) and "Saas" (Software as a service.... is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted) that forms a digital platform/company providing customized SOLUTIONS in a specific business industry? The benefits of the Market Network are obvious as indicated by the following: facilitating long-term business relationships, enhanced consultation among experts, increased referrals, customizing solutions for complex projects and most importantly, providing VALUE to customers. Want long-term retention of your customers then, value is the solution.

Market-Networks such as: Honey Book, AngelList, Joist and Houzz, have been gobbled up by venture capitalists; however, the Market-Network concept isn’t new and in fact, arguably manifested by Rock & Roll groups like The Rolling Stones, Van Halen and KISS. All three bands are corporations that have created their own “marketplace” (buyers and sellers that move merchandise/memorabilia online via eBay, amazon, etc.,); “Networks” (fans, promoters & event planners who create profiles and communicate with other through countless social networks) and “SaaS” (software as a system designed to focus on projects, events and podcasts to enhance the value of the respective corporations…..oh yes, these bands “own” their software). If, you think about the brands created by Beatlemania, Van Halen and Kiss Army then, one can comprehend the evolution of these bands from physical entities at arenas to digital corporations online.

So, once again, here's my shameless plug.... consider the benefits given to subscribers who have access to the Market-Network known as Markethive and it’s FREE Inbound Marketing Platform with an arsenal of tools and content creation resources for serious minded marketers who want to bring value to their customers:

  • Videos
  • List Management
  • Autoresponders
  • Google Analytics
  • Capture pages
  • Blogging system
  • Email Broadcaster
  • Group Builder
  • Forum Builder
  • Campaign Builder
  • Plus more to come because innovation is oxygen for this company
  • Blog Sharing
  • Blog swiping
  • Video reordered training

Join us today Sunday, October 2 at 1:00 MST


Vaurn James


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