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Cook books vs. E books.
9/13/2016 1:39:57 PM
Cook books vs. E books.

In today’s modern era computers, and online technology is taking over our lives. This is especially true when it comes to how we receive our information. Our everyday existence can be shared with the whole world. We read books, watch movies and exercise our creativity online. Home business is growing and more people are making money than ever on the internet.

One item that’s growing in popularity is the E-Book or the electronic book. Why? In my experience they can travel with you on your device which can contain several books at a time. E- Books takes up less space and more often than not they cost less than printed books. Sometimes you can purchase one for pennies. With luck you’ll find some free e-books.

My favorites are electronic cook books. I love the ones that are authored by people like you and me that have a passion for cooking. Let’s make it clear that most of these are not written by celebrity chefs like Emeril or Racheal. They are not as fancy and contain a lot less pictures and illustrations. Another reason I love these books is they are written in an easy to follow format. Some other advantages are, you can save them to your computer and only print out the one recipe when needed. They can easily be downloaded and shared with friends. E-books save space and time. Imagine just having one or two pieces of paper to manage than a whole book.

On the other hand. Store bought cook books contain more information about the author. Most are written in an autobiographical manner. These often times tell a story and contain the author’s favorite recipes. One thing I love about these books are that they are very beautifully written and contain the best pictures. Some even make great coffee table books.

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