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Who is tracking you?
9/6/2016 5:55:25 PM

How many of you know who is tracking you when you go onto any given website?

For example and will hit you close to home..did you know that when you are on Adlandpro you have 9 trackers on this site?

I say this not to alarm you, but help you be aware of the needed knowledge of knowing who is tracking you and also help you be aware of what you can do to stop these third party sites from getting at your information.

Before you gasp and go OMG ...

Adlandpro is one of the sites that I consider trustworthy because what is tracking me and you are sites and places that I consider normal tracking

There are three advertising trackers

Two site Analytics

Two Social media trackers

One Customer Interaction

How did I find this out?


Ghostery is a browser extension, which is a piece of software that extends the functionality of a web browser on a desktop computer. Ghostery can monitor all of the different web servers that are being called from a particular web page and matches those with a library of data collection tools (trackers).

I discovered Ghostery back in 2011 and I have never regretted having it on my computer or other mobile devices because it puts me back in the driver's seat of knowing who is getting my information and more important giving me the needed tools to know how to protect myself by blocking the different applications that I feel are not in my best interest to have people "knowing my business".

The extensions are free and I like the fact that you can put this one tool on many of your common browsers such as

Internet Explorer

Firefox for Android

To my way of thinking, giving me a way to make an informed decision about what I am sharing with others is very important ..

If you want to know more about this important tool, then

here is their web site

Ghostery is a privacy extenstion that will help you know who is tracking you

I hope this will be of use to you

P.S. Let me know if you know of other privacy tools that you use that work well for you, I love learning what people do to stay safe online..

P.S.S I really like their Core Principles

Ghostery Core Principles

  • Transparency
    Be accountable and honest. Be someone who speaks with candor and can be spoken to candidly.

  • Selflessness
    Don’t have an ego. There is no job that is below anyone. Ask for help and provide help. Helping others makes the team succeed.

  • Success
    We are building a new frontier, every action is strategic. Be collaborative and provide alternate solutions. We celebrate our successes and move on from our a team.

  • Courage
    Don’t be afraid to try something new. Be curious, challenge the conventional and dare to be awesome.

  • Communication
    It’s not personal, have the conversation and resolve it with respectful listening.

  • Take your job seriously, but don't take yourself too seriously
    It's important to understand why what we do is cool, and to have fun doing it.


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