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I encourage ALL Members to Publish a Free WEEBLY
9/6/2016 12:41:56 AM
In June 2015, I discovered

via a social game site, which has lot's of advertisement (that helps keep game-players play social games FREE)

I have published several sites beginning in 2005 with much frustration in site 'owners' manipulating users to buy into their 'pre-selected' entourage of network "bait & switch tactics' to press users to purchase their 'selected network of services'

One thing I and my former TEAM members learned, prior to the economy crash was: TEST offerings before promoting them.

I highly agree with:

Weebly Review 2016 | The Easiest-To-Use Website Builder Today?

  1. not html code skills needed
  2. load graphics directly from your computer to your website
  3. upgrade offering WEEBLY to others
  • I no longer have to promote my referral link for I have earned enough FREE referral credits to add my networking ICON
  • embed YouTube videos
  • add pages from another published site
  • totally control my side-bar
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